Zombies (also known as zoms) are the result of the plague that spread throughout the world and caused the downfall of modern civilization.


A human becomes a zombie if substances infected with the zombie virus enter their bloodstream. Typically a human is infected via a bite from a zombie, as long as the bite breaks the skin.

A zombie requires no sustenance or rest, and through an unknown mechanism it is capable of self-locomotion. Zombies are attracted by loud noises, and will instinctively chase uninfected humans in order to bite or maim them. They tend to cluster in locations important to humans, such as hospitals and universities.

Zombie bodies do decay, but will continue seeking noises and humans so long as enough of their bodies are intact. The only way to kill a zombie is to sever its spinal cord at the neck.


The process in which a human becomes a zombie is often referred to as "going gray." The progression of the zombie virus from initial infection to the loss of cognitive function typically takes several hours, but can progress faster the more the infected physically exerts themselves.

Initial symptoms of zombie virus infection include coughing and shortness of breath. Color slowly leaves the infected person's skin, eventually leaving them pale and grayish. The infected human gradually becomes weaker, until finally the human "dies" and loses all cognitive function. At that point, zombie instincts take over and the zombie will begin seeking humans to attack.

Origin Edit

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The origin of the modern zombie virus can be traced to the era of the Vikings. Over the course of Season 4, Abel and Veronica find that the missing sections of the Old Norse Edda describe zombies as warriors who once fell and eventually rose to fight again.

Types of Zombies Edit


These are the typical zombies that populate the world. They move at a slow pace, earning them their name. People bitten by shamblers are either taken by surprise or overwhelmed by numbers.

Fast ZombiesEdit

Fast zombies are capable of running and jumping. They were created during the course of zombie plague research carried out independently by Professor Van Ark and Abel Township. They can be controlled via specific tone patterns. These zombies were created by constantly drinking serotin plus created by comances and moon child while they were not infected and it is theorised that due to serotonin plus making people susceptible to mind control this is how the fast zoms are supposedly controled

S-Type ZombiesEdit

S-Type zombies retain some cognitive function and are typically fixated on a specific and relatively complex task, such as kidnapping young girls in order to protect them. These are created by being exposed to a special fungus that veronica finds in season 5

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