Dr Myers wants your help to test a radical new anti-zombie agent. The experiment might provide much-needed hope for Abel - as long as it works.



Highly Disciplined ForceEdit

Sam is uncharacteristically formal as you commence your mission, due to the Major's presence. Maxine is also in the comms booth, but she and the runners are unfazed.

Dogs Love A Run-AroundEdit

Sam and Maxine brief you on the mission: while running, you must drop caltrops dipped in the Doctor's new speed-reducing formula, then trick the previously captured fast zombies into treading on them. Runner 7's dog Bonnie joins the party. Sam voices his concern, but the Major waves it off and releases the zoms.

Infection CityEdit

Sam is excited that the formula seems to be working. Maxine credits her success to the Major's information from the army base, but is cautious about referring to the formula as a vaccine. Bonnie makes a break for it.

They're... FastEdit

Runners 3 and 4 finally get Bonnie's attention with a dog whistle. Unfortunately it's not the only attention they attract.

Heading Right For YouEdit

Sam urges Runner 4 to speed up as the zombies gain on her, since he and Maxine are both hesitant to shoot for their own reasons. Runner 3 plans a decoy with you to save 4, but you gain more undead pursuers in the process.

Come ByEdit

Sam is at a loss, so Major de Santa takes over the mic. She orchestrates an elaborate plan wherein the runners attract the zombies' attention with Runner 7's dog whistle, then round them up in a barbed wire pen.

Science, Tactics, Discipline.Edit

Sam and Maxine are in awe of the Major's authority and discipline. The Major congratulates your efforts.