Zombies, Run! Story Missions follow the player, Runner 5, from their disastrous arrival at Abel Township and their subsequent trials and adventures throughout the zombie apocalypse. Each missions consists of audio clips interspersed with the player's own music, and typically last 30-40 minutes. Mission length can be adjusted, or can be set to last for a certain distance rather than a certain time.

Season 1Edit

Runner 5 arrives with a bang at Abel and is thrust into their ongoing conflict with New Canton.

There are 23 missions.

Season 2Edit

Abel has reconciled with New Canton and have joined forces to thwart Van Ark's fiendish goals.

There are 45 missions and 19 side missions.

All the regular missions are named after song titles.

Season 3Edit

The search for Abel's missing members is on, and they soon find that the mysterious woman at the head of Comansys may be behind it all.

There are 60 missions. As with Season 2, each is named after a song title.

Season 4 Edit

Sentient zombies have been spotted, which give Abel and Veronica McShell a lead that may finally let them cure the zombie plague.

There are 40 missions and 2 side missions in Season 4. Again, each is named after a song title.

Season 5 Edit

There are 40 missions in Season 5

Season 6 Edit

There are 40 missions in Season 6