Sara Myers-Cohen-Yao is the daughter of Maxine Myers, Paula Cohen, and Sam Yao. She is thought to be immune to the zombie virus. She is named for Paula's grandmother and Abel Township Runner 8, Sara Smith.

Sara has ten fingers and twelve toes.

Season Four Edit

Dr. Maxine Myers gives birth to Sara in an overturned van outside Abel. Janine De Luca assists. Tests indicated that Sara might have a congenital heart condition, so the group was en route to Mullins Airfield when their van hit a landmine.

Minutes after Sara's birth, Tom De Luca kidnaps her. When Sara cries, Tom is surprised to realize she's alive and simply puts her down on the ground. Steve The Builder picks her up, but then "Zombie Runner 5" steals Sara from him. Zombie Runner 5 carries Sara into a building full of zoms, with Sam following before the heavy door closes. Once inside, Sam takes baby Sara from the Runner 5 lookalike and hands her through the bars on the window. He insists that no one but Runner 5 is allowed to hold Sara until she's back in Abel.

It is later revealed that The Minister of Recovery knew about Sam's immunity and intended to vivisect Sara for science.

Season Five Edit

In Run To You, it is revealed by Dr. Paula Cohen that baby Sara has spent the past month being experimented on by the Minister via Veronica McShell.

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