Runner 5 is the designation given to the silent protagonist and player character.


You were to arrive in Abel Township as a temporary loan from Mullins Military Base in the first mission of Season 1, arriving by helicopter. Unexpectedly, the helicopter is shot down by persons unknown. You're told that Abel can only afford to provide shelter for those who earn their keep, and becoming a runner is one way to earn one's keep.

Because your transmitter is broken, Sam doesn't know at first whether you're male or female, and he and Maxine refer to you with an explicitly gender-neutral pronoun ("them"). Sam seems to develop a fondness for you, and gives you the designation "Runner 5", named after a recently killed woman he'd had feelings for.

Runner 5 is known as 5 Still Alive to the Blackpool Rollercoasters.

Runner 5 has what Eugene refers to as a "fixation" with collecting sports bras on their runs, referring to a community joke about the frequency of sports bras in supply pick-ups.

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