Radio Abel episode 24

Radio Abel episode 24

Radio Abel is Abel Township's radio station, run by residents Jack Holden and Eugene Woods. They play whatever music they can, mostly tracks from Jack's iPod, as well as providing information and news to the residents of Abel Township and survivors further afield. Radio Abel can be heard either after a completed Season 1 Mission, or in Radio Mode.


Jack and Eugene start out their broadcast as mostly a test run of the communications equipment, not actually broadcasting outside of Abel. However, after returning from being taken off air due to lack of fuel for the generators, they begin to take a more active role, broadcasting further afield with news of green zones, danger hot spots, tips and tricks for survival as well as interviews.

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This Zombie Life

This Zombie Life

Residents of Abel Township give their tips on surviving the Zombie plague


Notices from Abel Township and surrounding areas

Abel MindsEdit

A collection of vox pop interviews with Abel's residents.

  • The residents of Abel discuss what they are thankful for.
  • The residents of Abel discuss what weapons they favour.
  • The residents of Abel discuss their hopes for the future.

This Zombie LifeEdit

A three part series of stories from the zombie plague.