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Known to have been an employee of Pandora Haze working on biotechnologies. Was in a relationship with Dr. Maxine Myers before the Grey Plague which continues after their reunion. Paula is an Ashkenazi Jew. On missions, she frequently imitates voices (such as pretending to be a nature documentary narrator) to lighten the mood.

Season One

Paula first appears in an audio CD she left for Maxine. She reveals that she was involved in experiments that may have created the zombie plague.

During the race missions, Paula can be heard working with Van Ark. Van Ark is unhappy that Paula isn't working hard enough to cure the infection they both share.

Season Two

Paula is at the warehouse when Maxine and Runner 5 arrive to check out the ROFFLENet code. Maxine recognized it as her and Paula's old post code. However, Paula is surprised to learn about the transmission of this code. Van Ark shows up, revealing that he sent the code out as a trap for Maxine.

In "Tightrope," Paula returns to Van Ark in order to save Runner 5's life and smuggle vials and research to Maxine. The research helps Maxine make the zombie spray less toxic to children.

When Sara starts to turn, Paula severs the brainstem. Paula then returns to Abel and Maxine. When Maxine mysteriously leaves Abel, Paula can be heard pleading with her to stay.

Season Three

Paula becomes Abel Township's Runner 23 and accompanies Runner 5 on missions to find Maxine.

In S3M27 "Blue," Paula accompanies Runner 5 to check on the blue flowers. She falls into the blue flowers and receives multiple scratches from the thorns. This results in a disinhibiting effect, and Paula rambles about how much she dislikes Kefilwe Lobatse, how she once replaced Maxine's Ceretin Plus, and how Sam and Maxine both have gorgeous smiles. Sam escorts Paula to New Canton for poison control treatments.

Season Four