You know how it goes, I bet. One minute you're singing campfire songs and telling spooky stories, and then the next minute you're trying to bash in a zombie skull with a stick with a toasted marshmallow on the end. Turns out the bastards hate marshmallows!
Leaders: Charlie Todhunter and Jordan Smith

Radio Operator: Posey Clark

Patrols: Owl, Pussycat, Bluebird, Geranium (Brownies?)

Also known as: "The Killer Girl Guides," Unit #83

They were out camping when the outbreak hit. The Girl Guides turned down the offer to stay in Abel.

Before the Girl Guides make an official appearance in "Trefoil", the Runners and Radio Operators notice neat campfires and remains of tents near areas where they have their missions. The Girl Guides trade hemp rope with Janine for ammo. Later, they return to help when Runner Five and Runner Eight are being attacked by bandits.

In season five, an unknown Girl Guide is found in one of Van Ark's freezers. Later, Ian Golightly and Runner Five chase after a Guide who's been sent to pick up medical supplies stolen from Abel.

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