Zombies, Run! Wiki

Perfect for new players & veterans alike, the Zombies, Run! New Adventure missions are set outside the Zombies, Run! canon story. They were first introduced to the app in spring 2019.

Lewis and Clark

Join your digital time travel companion as you learn about Meriwether Lewis' preparations for his voyage of exploration.

  1. Prepare with Lewis: 5K
  2. Search for the Pacific: 10K

Track the Ripper

Along with Detective Marsh and Sergeant Swift, you'll have to be fleet of foot and sharp of wit to catch Jack the Ripper before the next attack.

  1. Track the Ripper

Venus Rising

Venus One, a floating city in the clouds, was meant to be humanity's triumph. Now it's gone silent. Your mission? Find out why.

  1. Morning Star
  2. Evening Star
  3. Sulphur Sky
  4. Midnight Depths
  5. Fallen Star

Run the Solar System

Train to become an Astronaut in 5k, then run from the Sun to Neptune in just 10k.

  1. Astronaut Training
  2. Run the Solar System

Volcano Race

Can you escape a volcanic eruption? Our thrilling New Adventure based on the fictional Mt. Archie isn't just a story - you'll learn how volcanoes behave, how scientists try to predict their activity – and what really happens when a snow-capped volcano suddenly erupts...

  1. Training Mission
  2. Volcano Race

Dystopia Rising

Generations ago, the Infection took hold and spread across the world’s population. Billions fell to the sickness, which warped and changed them into zombies. Others evolved into the Strains of humanity, becoming something more than human. Now, these Strains struggle to survive together among mutated beasts, raiders, and ever-present zombies. Welcome to the post-apocalypse. Welcome to Dystopia Rising.

  1. Caravan Ride
  2. Raider Rage
  3. The Conspiracy

Run to the Deep

Scale the deepest depths of the ocean in just 10k!

  1. Run to the Deep

Rule Britannia

Become Roman soldier Quintus on Hadrian's Wall and get swept up in an epic five-part adventure of intrigue, treason, and ancient terrors. With Sam by your side, will you survive to see the dawn?

  1. Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?
  2. Auribus Teneo Lupum
  3. Vixere
  4. Terra Incognita
  5. Amor Vincit Omnia

Olympus Mons

Move over Everest – prepare to climb the tallest mountain in the Solar System as you Run Olympus Mons, our latest New Adventure! Discover the secrets of the red planet as Recon 5 in this 10K run!

  1. Olympus Mons: 10k

Run With The Ancestors

Explore ancient Britain! Get ready to travel one million years back in time!

  1. Run with the Ancestors 5K
  2. Run with the Ancestors 10K

Journey to the Centre of the Eye

In this 10K Race, shrink down to the size of a photon and explore the inner workings of your eye, learning about all its parts and how they work together to allow you to see!

  1. Journey to the Centre of the Eye 10K

Dinosaur Dash

Join a top secret research expedition and encounter the last of the dinosaurs!

  1. Into the Arctic 5K
  2. Dinos on Ice 5K
  3. Dinosaur Dash: 5K
  4. Dinosaur Dash: 10K

A Study in Ichor

An unfortunate heir, an industrialist bent on changing the world, and a menace stalking the streets of Victorian London! Can you stop it before it's too late?

  1. A Mysterious Assignment
  2. A Deadly Discovery
  3. A Perilous Pursuit
  4. A Cruel Bargain
  5. A Horror Vanquished

Between the Lines

A man with mysterious motives, a long abandoned house, and a secret that won't stay buried. Sometimes a book just jumps off the page at you.

  1. Between the Lines

Wreck Runner

Join Captain Duffy and the crew of the SolFleet vessel Juno as you salvage space wrecks and rescue survivors in our 3-part sci-fi adventure!

  1. Banquo Orbit 5K
  2. Jovian Mambo 5K
  3. Minerva Legend 5K

Grand Canyon

Run the Grand Canyon in our epic 2-part New Adventure! Learn the 80 million year history and travel the 446km length of one of the greatest wonders of the natural world.

  1. Geological Survey 5K
  2. Run the Grand Canyon 5K
  3. Run the Grand Canyon 10K

Home Run

In conjunction with Internet League Blaseball, we are proud to present fans this classic game broadcast from enjoyment while you run. Knowledge of the game is helpful but not required!

  1. Home Run


The course of true love never did run smooth, but if you're in the romance business, it better! Find out if it's warning bells or wedding bells

  1. Matchmaker

Nellie Bly

Our most ambitious New Adventure yet is ready for departure! Join Nellie Bly, one of history's most intrepid women, as she races 24,899 miles around the globe in 72 days.

  1. New York to Amiens
  2. Amiens to Colombo
  3. Colombo to Hong Kong
  4. Hong Kong to Yokohama
  5. Win or Die

Little Red

As a mercenary, being hired to escort a girl to her grandmother's house should be an easy task. But are there worse things in the woods than wolves?

  1. Little Red


Places please! The Prospero Theatre is open for business, and that means you, Peasant #3, need to be ready to go on-stage. Watch out for your cues, and don't mind the portal in the basement.

  1. Sorceror's Realm
  2. Sorceror's Arena

Negative Space

The Starship Hephaestus has been silent for three months. Your team is there to investigate the transmission failure and recover the crew. What could possibly go wrong?

  1. Intergalactic
  2. Space Oddity
  3. 2,000 Light Years From Home
  4. Only Satellites
  5. We Are All Made of Stars

Coming Up Leon

A surprise party is in the works, but the guest of honour, Leon, has gone AWOL. A beautiful celebration of love, friendship and the family you build for yourself.

  1. Coming Up Leon

Mystery At 4,000 Fathoms

Travel into the ocean deep with Jenny Playfair in search of Atlantis. But with a missing brother and encoded charts, there's more to the story in this Home Workout adventure...

  1. A Magnificent Machine
  2. Descent into Darkness
  3. A Lost Metropolis
  4. Creatures from the Deep
  5. A Desperate Pursuit

The Signals War

Hear the untold stories of World War I in our three-part New Adventure - The Signals War! Our story takes you from hostage negotiations in East Africa to armoured trains in the Asian desert, finishing your tour in the forests of Bolshevik Russia.

  1. East Africa
  2. Central Asia
  3. Europe

The 13th Runner

Everyone's using the hottest new fitness app, Run the World! A never-before completed route seems like a great opportunity to level up, but can you see it through to the end? And will you survive once you have?

  1. The 13th Runner

Lost in the Corn

A summer day's picnic takes a terrifying turn and leaves you running for your life. Lost in the Corn, the second story in our Summer Sprint Series, is in-app now!

  1. Lost in the Corn

Exit, Pursued By a Bear

Run from theatre's most famous stage direction in our latest New Adventure, the Shakespearean romp Exit, Pursued By a Bear. The final story in our Summer Sprint Series is in-app now!

  1. Exit, Pursued By a Bear

Always a Timesmaid

A nasty case of Déjà vu? Or are you really stuck at this wedding forever?

  1. Something Old, Something New
  2. Something Borrowed, Something Blue


A god is dead, but something is starting to awaken... Prepare for Godmaker, an epic 5-part dark fantasy adventure by award-winning writer Mur Lafferty!

  1. Lost Souls
  2. Dark Horizon
  3. The First Godmaker
  4. Umbra
  5. The Great Race

Pax Germanica

A peaceful retirement in Germania awaits you after your service in Britannia. But something deadly lurks in the forests, and an ancient prophecy threatens to end your peace forever.

  1. Hic Sunt Lupi
  2. Homo Hominae Lupus Est
  3. Ab Oribus Luporum
  4. Omnes Una Manet Nox

White Out

Tracks in the snow lead you to a lone cabin. The fire invites you to escape the cold wilderness... but is there something dark waiting in the White Out? Search for a missing musher in the relentless winter.

  1. White Out

Hotel Hijinks

Welcome to the Riveria's most glamorous hotel and prepare for the grand soirée!

  1. Welcome to Hotel Argos
  2. Up the Wobbly Squeaker
  3. Secrets in the Garden
  4. The Snake in the Grass
  5. The Grand Soirée

Satan Claus

Who knew a spelling mistake at Christmas could cause such a headache for the underworld? Join us for one hell of a festive season with Satan Claus! Can you complete your mission, or will Hell freeze over first?

  1. Satan Claus

Abel's Buccaneers

You'd think that fleeing London and being captured by pirates would be the worst of your troubles! But the pirates have bigger goals, and a dangerous destination in mind.

  1. The High Seas
  2. The Devil and the Deep
  3. King of the Jungle
  4. Threshold of Paradise
  5. The Philosopher's Stone

Bicycle Face

There's been a spate of bicycles confiscated by the police under claims of them causing a terrible malady. Are these claims true, or is something more sinister going on?

  1. Bicycle Face

The Great Zodiac Race

The Jade Emperor has summoned the animals to participate in a Great Race, with the promise of a grand feast at the end. Who will win? Written by Kim Richards.

  1. The Great Zodiac Race

Dinosaur Dash 2: The Hatchening

Return to Ice Base 1 and your expedition to research the last of the dinosaurs. Will you survive the hatching of a baby T-Rex, and a visit from the project's funder? Written by Andrea Phillips.

  1. Routine Inspection
  2. The Hatching
  3. The Unknown
  4. Cave Escape

The Last Alpine Glacier

Explore one of the wonders of nature before it disappears forever! Written by Alex Acks.

  1. Glaciologists
  2. Meltwater

Dragon Flight

As the newest recruit to the Dragon Corps, you have a lot to prove, especially to your dragon partner. With a shadowy enemy becoming more bold, you'll need to learn to work together in this five-part Home Workout Adventure! Written by Kendra Johnston.

  1. Dragon Corps Training
  2. The Dragons of War
  3. Forests and Firestones
  4. Friend or Foe
  5. Darkest Before the Dawn

Mammoth Hunters

Can you help your tribe survive the brutal winter or will a fight for power ruin your chances of success? This adventure is part of our Young Writers programme, and was written by 11-year-old Nadia, our youngest ever writer!

  1. Mammoth Hunters

Endless Sea

You've ben sent out from your village on a holy quest to regain God's favour, but there are relentless pursuers on your trail, and demons who whisper beguiling secrets to try to lure you away.

  1. The Fellowship of Sacrifices
  2. The Sleeping Towers
  3. The Return of the Queen
  4. The Edge of the World
  5. The Farthest Shore