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It's heartbreaking to think that Molly will never remember the world before the outbreak. She's barely a year old, but she's already lived through more than most pre-outbreak adults. Luckily she still has her loving father, Ed, and her favorite toy - Mr. Rabbit.

5K Training

Molly's mother, Becca, describes that she likes knitting things for her as it "reminds you you're human".

She is later introduced to Runner 5 on a run whilst Becca attempts to help them reach Bert Airfield.

Season 1

In S1M4 A Lost Child, Molly is abandoned and left to wander around no man's land - although how she ended up there is uncertain, it is likely because Becca was bitten by a zombie and abandoned her to stop her from being eaten. She is quickly rescued by Runner 5 and Ed, and is brought back to Abel Township since without Becca, Ed feels he cannot return to the farmhouse.

During Radio Abel's 'Abel Minds' series, Ed describes Molly as being able to have a relatively normal childhood at Abel thanks to its safety, and the fact that it has a school and other children. He later describes his hope to one day take Molly to see London and walk across Waterloo Bridge.