Matilda is a mysterious name mentioned by Van Ark and Paula at different times.

Abel 10k Race Edit

In the Abel 10k Race, Van Ark says (clip #8, Another Way)

I had to try to find Matilda, so I escaped! And came back here to see if she’d left me a message, which… she hadn’t.
Then, later (clip #9, A Few Moments):
Maxine - I think Matilda’s gone. But you and I can help with the research at the Jeffro Complex.

S2M32 Edit

S2M32, Tightrope, clip #3, Van Ark says:

I really am impressed! All that leaping and ducking, like an episode of Total Wipeout. Matilda and I used to enjoy that program very much.

S5M23 Edit

S5M23, Hungry Like The Wolf, clip #5, Paula says:

Deeply in love with his wife was not the impression he gave around the labs. For one thing, there's Matilda.

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