Zoe and louise

Louise Bailey and Zoe Crick by The Wondersmith

Louise Bailey is Dr. Maxine Myers' ex-girlfriend. They first met at a 'scared straight' camp for delinquent teenagers in Arizona. Lou was the woman who made Maxine realize she was gay.

Season Two Edit

Louise is a prisoner who escapes with Five and Eight.

Season Three Edit

Louise led Paula and Runner 5 back to the prison, where they discovered the prison on fire and many of the inmates mind controlled. As they retrieve the research, Louise realizes that all the non-mind-controlled people are prisoners who joined her in an enhanced cognition program.

Shortly thereafter, Louise led Paula, Maxine, Moonchild, and Runner 5 to the Tavington Clinic to cure Maxine's mind control.

Season Four Edit

In "Post War Blues," Jody reveals that Lou did something to make the entire New Canton Permanent Advisory Council cry.

Season Five Edit

Louise accompanies Ed and Molly to the island where Radio Cabel is living


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