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The Old Mill

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New Canton Runner 38



Lem's a New Canton Runner. Number 38. You don't know much about him, other than his fearless attitude and his apparent love for the New Canton operator Nadia. You can't tell where he's from, but you don't think he's local.

Sam likens Lem to Ace Rimmer (a character from TV sci-fi series Red Dwarf)

Character HistoryEdit

Lem is known to be an Olympic level athlete in several disciplines, including a Gold Olympic medal in luge. He is also a Nobel Prize winning chemist and a self-made millionaire, known for his philanthropic efforts. He grew up in an orphanage but managed to make something of himself through hard work and determination.

Season OneEdit

While investigating in The Old Mill, Runner 5 encounters Lem, New Canton Runner 38, who has become trapped by zombies. Runner 5 leads the zombies away and helps Lem to escape. However, Lem realises that he has been bitten. Grateful for Runner 5's help, Lem hands over his headset, an invaluable item during future missions, and uses himself as bait to lure the rest of the zombies away.

What a guy.

Season TwoEdit

In Back Once Again, Nadia discovers that it was Runner 5 who had worn Lem's headset in order to confuse and distract New Canton during their raid, causing Nadia to believe that Lem is alive. Lem is brought up by Nadia in We Used To Be Friends when Nadia sends Runner 5 into Dedlock controlled territory to take revenge for Runner 5 pretending to be Lem. She tells Runner 5 how they met; while trying to find a safe place to hide from zombies, Nadia's van broke down and she ended up trapped in the back when zombies attacked. Lem arrived, led the zombies away, and took her back to New Canton.

Nadia later learns from Sam Yao the truth about what happened between Lem and Runner 5.

In Holding Out For A Hero, Estaban and Runner 5 go to Lem's old home and find a tape that he had left for Nadia before dying, as well as information about a group of children he had been supporting.

A Zombie Lem appears in Athena. He saves Runner 5.