Jordan Smith is a 15-year-old Girl Guide. She and Charlie were due to move up to Rangers just before the apocalypse. Jordan leads the Pussycat patrol. She is very practical, which makes her come across as brusquer and less diplomatic than Charlie, snapping at people who try to take advantage of their generosity. She is also apparently much more crass, as Posey says she "knows all the camp songs you can't sing when adults are around." Charlie chides Jordan into changing her orders for the younger girls at the last minute to, "Give them... heck!" Jordan also sometimes starts to say something that would upset another guide (such as Posey's sister Cassidy), but Charlie usually stops her in time.

Because they both had their permits, Jordan and Charlie were allowed to camp without supervision as long as an adult was within walking distance. Subsequently, the Girl Guides were in the middle of the woods when the apocalypse started. The two oldest Guides order the younger girls around, maintaining strict order and keeping everyone safe.

Jordan once set a zombie on fire with a bottle of eau de toilette and a strike anywhere match.

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