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Arrived at Abel Township. So many mysteries. Maybe I'll get a chance to solve them. But first, need to get fit enough to be an Abel runner

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Survived the crash Edit

While en route to Abel Township from Mullins Military Base, your transport helicopter, "Jolly Alpha Five Niner", is hit by a rocket attack and crashes. The crash site is full of zombies and Sam Yao, the radio operator from Abel, begs you to run for your life.

Heading for Gryphon Tower Edit

Sam is excited to see you escaping the zombies on foot, but warns of a "small army of zombies" to the east. Dr Maxine Myers, Abel's medic, interrupts to ask you to collect medical supplies from the old Robinson Hospital.

Searching the Hospital Edit

Sam decides to call you "Runner 5", as Abel recently lost a Runner with that number. Sam explains that the Runners gather all of Abel's supplies, given that there's not enough fuel to use cars. He also asks you to keep an eye out for any "official-looking files" in the hospital - they might be important.

Escaping the Hospital with the CDC File Edit

Dr Myers recognises a box you have collected as an important CDC file, and insists that it might be worth your life to protect. Unfortunately, Sam also informs you that you have attracted the attention of a swarm of zombies.

Running for Safety Edit

Sam is alarmed at how fast the zombies are moving. They are gaining on you quickly. The lead zombie appears to be the old Runner 5, Alice. Runner 7, Abel's head of Runners, transmits a word of encouragement.

Arrived at Abel Township Edit

As you reach Abel with the zombie in tow, Sam is distraught to watch Abel's soldiers shoot the old Runner 5. Finally safe, you are greeted by the people of Abel.

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