Making Zombies, Run! 2 - Archie vs 'Purple'

Making Zombies, Run! 2 - Archie vs 'Purple'

A mission with a New Canton runner? Sounds like trouble. But when a horde of zoms attack in force, you'll find out just who your real friends are.



This Is Going To Be FunEdit

Nadia asks the runners to sound off as they set out on their mission, but she remains frosty towards you after the revelation from Sam about Lem's headset. Runner 7 and Archie try to dispel the tension.

There's No Place Like HomeEdit

Runner 7 asks Archie about Van Ark, who says that New Canton hate him even more than they hate Abel. Nadia voices her resentment about New Canton having to help Abel get back on its feet, but Archie is more understanding, shifting the topic with her idiosyncratic observations.


Nadia warns that you're heading out of head cam range. Runner 7 notices a wrecked car from which you could salvage parts, but Archie's observation of a pack of zoms in an overgrown wheat field swiftly shifts priorities

No Time For PleasantriesEdit

Runner 7 tries to reassure an anxious Archie, but more zombies appear by the barn; an armed Janine comes to the rescue. She and Sam are not sure what to make of Archie.

No Fun. No Games.Edit

Archie suggests circling back to New Canton, but Sam and Janine want you to head back to Abel for a debriefing and to drop off the tools. They also mention the memorial service for Runner 8. The Major's return has inspired Janine to pull rank.

Project GreenshootEdit

On the approach to Abel, Archie declines Sam's offer of a cup of tea after seeing the state of the place. A transmission from Major de Santa cuts off Sam's transmission welcoming you home, covertly reminding you of Project Greenshoot.


Jack Holden is mentioned as one of the Abel residents that is MIA