Evan Deaubl, or Runner Seven, is the head of Runners at Abel Township. Well respected by all the Runners, his calm, focus and compassion have helped mould a disparate group into an efficient team.

He is rarely without his loyal dog, Bonnie.

Runner Stats Edit

Missions: 37

Kills: 80

Status: Active

Notes: Keen Eyesight

Background Edit

Before the outbreak Evan was an international arms dealer, detesting the hypocrisy of arms embargoes[1]. He had a plane ready ever since government rumblings about a virus began and was ready to leave for the Caribbean as soon as the zombie plague hit, but at the last minute his dog slipped her leash and the pilot set off without him.

In addition to owning a personal aeroplane to hand and a private island, there are various allusions to Evan being very wealthy before the apocalypse. In "War Is The Answer" Evan explains to Runner Five how he purchased an underground nuclear bunker from the RAF to act as his own base. Additionally, in "Interiors" a mission artefact reveals that the unnamed museum possess a "Deaubl Wing". The museum was set to host a Viking exhibit on the Edda of the Wakened Warriors, sponsored by Comansys. While it is unknown how the museum wing is truly connected to Evan, if at all, it could imply that either he or a relation of his once made a substantial donation to the museum.

Personality Edit

Abel's Head of Runners comes across as amiable and charismatic. In Season One he is shown to greet new runners to the Township and oversee their training in order to ensure they're ready before setting out on missions. He is well-spoken and seems to be highly organised, planning which runners undertake which missions.

In Season Two Evan reveals a keenly self-serving aspect to his personality when he steals the plane he is supposed to be retrieving for Abel[2]. He demonstrates a need to explain himself by telling Five that "it’s not that I don’t care about Abel, it’s just that I care about myself more". In "War Is The Answer" Evan confesses to Runner Five that, despite the necessity of communal living and his own position as Head of Runners, cooperating with others has "never really been [his] way". He had initially expected to fight his own way out of the UK using his stash of weaponry and find sanctuary elsewhere.

Despite his theft and proclamation that he cares about himself most of all, Evan continues to possess a compassionate streak, at first offering for Five to join him and Bonnie in their escape to the Caribbean. Despite Five turning down his offer, Evan refuses to let Runner Five and Runner Eight be surrounded by the zombie hoard chasing them[3]. Using the plane's guns, he clears a path of them so they can return safely to Abel.

Season One Edit

Season Two Edit

Evan takes Runner Five on a visit to his underground arms cache, stashed in an old RAF bunker[4]. As they enter the subterranean structure the comms link fades to static and Sam is cut out of the conversation.

The need for privacy becomes apparent as Evan confesses that before the apocalypse he worked as a gun runner and doesn't like mentioning it as, even after the end of the world, it causes people to react oddly. He explains to Five that he feels comfortable sharing this with them as they've proven themselves a competent runner, and are not prone to babbler.

Later in , Evan double crosses Sara and Runner Five in order to steal a plane to go to his private Caribbean island. He invited Runner Five to go with him, but Runner Five declined.

Season Five Edit

Evan returns in Renegade Master as "Gerry," the head of Netrophil. His work in the Caribbean did not go as planned and Sigrid captured him. He managed to get away but lost many people. He is currently the only person left alive who can find a Viking artifact that Sigrid desperately wants to get her hands on.

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5k Trainer Edit

  • Week 7, Workout 3

References Edit

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