Evan Deaubl

First Appearance

Lay of the Land

Last Appearance

Renegade Master


Stephen Guy Daltry






Netrophil Leader, Abel Township Former Head of Runners, Former Arms Dealer,



Evan Deaubl, or Runner Seven, is the head of Runners at Abel Township. Well respected by all the Runners, his calm, focus and compassion have helped mould a disparate group into an efficient team.


Runner StatsEdit

Missions: 37

Kills: 80

Status: Active

Notes: Keen Eyesight

Before The OutbreakEdit

He was an arms dealer before the outbreak, detesting the hypocrisy of arms embargoes. He had a plane ready ever since he heard government rumblings about a virus and was ready to leave for the Caribbean as soon as the zombie plague hit, but at the last minute his dog slipped her leash and the pilot set off without him.

There is a wing of an art museum called the Deaubl Wing. It hosted a Viking exhibit on the Edda of the Wakened Warriors, sponsored by Comansys. It's unknown how the museum wing is connected to Evan.

Season Two Edit

Evan took Runner Five to see his arms cache. Evan later double crossed Sara and Runner Five to steal a plane to go to his private Caribbean island. He invited Runner Five to go with him, but Runner Five declined.

Season Five Edit

Evan returns in Renegade Master as "Gerry," the head of Netrophil. His work in the Caribbean did not go as planned and Sigrid captured him. He managed to get away but lost many people. He is currently the only person left alive who can find a Viking artifact that Sigrid desperately wants to get her hands on.