Jack and eugene

Jack Holden (left) and Eugene Woods (right) by The Wondersmith

Eugene Woods

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Radio Abel

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Living Dead Girl


Nathan Nolan






Abel Township Radio Abel host



Eugene runs Abel Townships's radio station, Radio Abel along with his partner Jack Holden. At some point prior to the start of Season 1, Eugene lost his left leg. He has a tattoo of a Velvet Underground lyric (from 'All Tomorrow's Parties') on his shoulder and a shippo (ship hippo) on his left, now amputated, calf.


Before Abel TownshipEdit

Eugene was a food critic for a Canadian newspaper on assignment in England when the outbreak began. He had intended to head to a friend's farm near Nottingham with the hope of holing up there until he was able to return home. However his car ran out of petrol before he could get there, stranding him in Hampshire. After grabbing whatever he could carry, he began to walk. This brought him into close proximity with a group of zombie ravers. While escaping, he tripped over a sleeping Jack Holden, who had managed to sleep through the apocalypse. Knowing that they were in danger, Eugene uttered the immortal line 'Come with me if you want to live', and the two have remained companions since then. 

Before reaching Abel Township, they travelled with several other people, including a group of hedge fund managers and a man called Zack.

Eugene lost his left leg when after making a camp fire to keep warm, he and Jack were attacked by bandits. He lost his foot first when a machete went through. Overtime it got infected and he had to get his leg amputated.

Season OneEdit

Eugene is mentioned in Virtuous Circle when Sam Yao and Dr. Maxine Myers want to see if he and Jack want to join them in role-playing games.

Supply MissionsEdit

Entertainment RunEdit

  • Eugene and Dr. Myers ask for a Scrabble set and a dictionary.
  • Eugene wants blankets for a blanket fort.

Season TwoEdit

After the attack on Abel Township, Jack and Eugene got separated in the confusion, with Jack aiding in the defence of the town while Eugene sought shelter.

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