Chief of Police from Mor Island, Far Hebrides. Duncan is "wee outlander" based on the words of Shona. Due to Mor Island being a rather peaceful colony, Duncan doesn't have much experience though. In his own words, prone to the Season 8 plot, the biggest problems he was facing were goat smuggling operations. This lack of experience and a good tactical assessment led to the tragic event in the first mission of Season 8, where Duncan mistook one of the Abel team members for a zombie, unfortunately killing that character in a process, which caused a great deal of tension between Duncan and the rest of Abel team in the later missions. Despite this, he tries to make up for his mistake, stating that "Sorry’s what you do, not what you say" (which was the credo of his deceased wife Philly, lost to cancer just before Z-Day).

The events of Season 8 point whether Jones' conviction of murder of the brother of Laird Reid was made according to the truth, and whether Jones (despite his own agenda), was a scapegoat of a murder case this whole time. It is known that Duncan Macallan was against the idea that Jones was the one responsible for the murder of Laird Reid's brother as Duncan could not gather enough evidence to lawfully convict Jones. This caused great exasperation of Shona and her family.

In the Season 8 Duncan Macallan accompanies Abel residents on various missions. Due to the lack of evidence that all nefarious actions happening in Far Hebrides are Jones' idea, Duncan still seems to be as surprised that indeed it could be Jones, as once again - he was never caught red-handed.

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