Dr Domhnall BarraEdit

Dr Domhnall Barra is a trans man living with his friend and colleague Dr Basil Hibler in an undisclosed secret lab formerly run by Don's mentor and his and Basil's employer, Dr Leatherby who is missing presumed dead


Season 4Edit

Domhnall first appears in Radio Mode in season 4, when Zoe and Phil pick up his transmission and rebroadcast it, the first clip he appears is clip 15 of season 4,


Don is seemingly a sensitive and poetic soul, based on his grand prose and general sensitivity about killing and eating animals, he has notably thrown up at the idea of eating some of the animals he was a caretaker of, so we can presume that he was either vegetarian or vegan before necessity kicked in. He is also notably a bit of a conspiracy nut.

He seems to often try and avoid upsetting or stressful subjects by procrastinating, sometimes through conspiracy theories such as noted in the first clip (clip 15) where he tries to avoid talking about how he's running out of hormone treatments by trying to talk about the supposed zombie cat in their possession.

He also seems to like Dr Leatherby notably more than Basil does, and seems to have somewhat low self-esteem, noting how he doesn't have a lot of practical skills and comparing himself unfavorably to the genetically modified animals in the lab when discussing why he believes that Dr Leatherby liked him more than Basil.

His relationship to Basil seems to be very positive and Phil and Zoe also comment that they obviously fancy each other, they frequently compliment one another and often joke around.

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