Cameo Wood is Abel Township's Runner 13. She is a hacker, photographer, beekeeper, and fan of electroswing music. She has been an Abel runner since before Runner 5's arrival.

Season Three Edit

Cameo was thought to be one of the Abel residents who was mind-controlled at the end of season 2. However, she later reveals that Sam mistook Runner 25 for her. Because Runner 25 is a man, Cameo was slightly offended.

Cameo accompanies Runner 1, Runner 11, and Runner 5 on a mission led by Kefilwe Lobatse to make contact with the Laetitia Greenwald. She tries to mimic Amelia, but quickly uses her backup plan: a spliced-together voice recording. During the transmission, she hears a garbled noise in the background and asks Janine and Dr. Lobatse to enhance it. The sound is Dr. Myers pleading with someone to let her warn Abel of an impending attack.

Season Four Edit

Cameo helps rescue Ian Golightly by directing Five to an electroswing club, The Ability Drain. She proposes Ian and Runner 5 should climb on top of the club's roof.


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