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TenebrisFerre TenebrisFerre 29 September 2015

Wiki Look-and-feel

Hi runners

I've changed the look-and-feel of the wiki to something that looks a bit nicer.  I didn't spend much time on it so I am sure it could be made better.  Please let me know:

  • any suggestions for improvements
  • if you hate it!

That's all runners


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TenebrisFerre TenebrisFerre 27 July 2015

Wiki Adoption

Hi Runners!

I love Zombies, Run! and I've been updating a load of stuff on the wiki but noticed that we have no currently active admin.  I've put in a request to adopt the wiki and be added as admin so we can make it even better!  Please shout if you object!



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Aryllia Aryllia 21 August 2014

Let the crazy fanon begin

So, it appears this will be the very first blog post on this wiki. That's a mighty big step. Ought to be meaningful, dignified and all that Jazz. 

So of course I'm going to dwelve into my crazy fanon theories, as soon as I'm done bemoaning my fate.

So, as it says in my profile I don't really like running. As such, I put of trying the app until a Sunday ten days ago when I was going to the gym where they had a treadmill and I figured Id torture myself through a run with the app. 

As it turned out, after 30 minutes of mixed brisk walk and sprint I had sweat pouring off of me and I still felt absolutely wonderful - and slightly in love with dear Sam. The same day, on the afternoon, I set out for the next mission. Unfortunately my newfound enthus…

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