Archie, Runner 20, is one of the New Canton Runners. She was a protein crystallographer before the apocalypse. Archie tends to get carried away easily, most times because of the etymology of the words she speaks.


Race MissionsEdit

Season TwoEdit

Archie makes her first Story Mission appearance in "From The Ashes".

In "Relight My Fire", Archie flirts openly with Jamie Skeet. It is revealed that they are dating in "Hounds Of Love".

Archie is kidnapped and killed by Professor Van Ark.


  • She got her degree from Cambridge, which, according to Dr. Myers, would be hard to believe upon first meeting her.
  • Archie is allergic to coriander.
  • Archie has a slight Eastern European accent which could be Russian, Ukranian, Polish or possibly Romanian.
  • She thinks purple is a pretty word, but not a pretty color.
  • She used to date Pieter and had a boyfriend named Rufus before the apocalypse.
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