Zombies, Run! Wiki

Zombies, Run! is an awesome game, but if you're looking for other similar games here is a list of apps that offer encouragement to exercise by some form of gamification


Name Running Walking Bicycle Elliptical Strength
BattleSuit Runner Fitness (discontinued) Outside Only Outside Only Outside Only
BitGym Treadmill Treadmill Static Only Yes
CityStrides Outside Only Outside Only
Code Runner Outside Only Outside Only Outside Only
Fit For Battle Yes Yes ? ?
Fit Freeway (discontinued) Treadmill Treadmill Static Only
Ingress Yes Yes Yes
Pokemon Go Yes Yes Yes
Run An Empire Outside Only Outside Only Outside Only
Runtastic Story Running Yes Yes Yes Yes
SpecTrek Outside Only Outside Only Outside Only
Step Buy Step Yes Yes
The Walk Yes Yes

BattleSuit Runner Fitness

Running adventure game following an alien invasion story where the runner is the user of a battle suit. Runs gain materials to upgrade the suit. Included 'zombie chase' style sprints. Speed can affect the story

Free version has limited number of missions. Full version currently has only 9 missions, more are promised in future.

The iOS app appears to be abandoned and no longer supports modern iOS.



Virtual speed-interactive tours of real-life locations. Only works on static cardio machines (eg treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike).



Not really an app but maps every street you have run by connecting to other running services such as Runkeeper and Strava. Encourages you to run every street in your town/city


Code Runner

Espionage adventure that uses GPS to guide you to secret real-world locations for spying, hacking and sabotage. No longer available on US Apple Store.


Fit For Battle

Fit for Battle is an interactive audio based running app where you are the hero at the centre of an epic fantasy adventure. Each run is turned into a quest where your performance directly influences the direction of the story. Currently available for iPhone with Android coming soon


Fit Freeway

Race to keep your car in the race, keep up the pace to reach checkpoints. Only works on static cardio machines (eg treadmill). Seems to be discontinued by owners BitGym



Designed for walking, but could be run, you locate 'portals' in real-world locations and other items of use to your 'faction'


Pokemon Go

Designed for walking but could be any form of locomotion, you locate and attempt to catch Pokemon locate Pokestops and gyms in real-world locations. Very similar to Ingress


Run An Empire

Capture areas of the city by running around them. Sounds like Ingress but with running.


Runtastic Story Running

Part of the Runtastic app, you can download stories to accompany your run such as escaping from Alcatraz. There is also an exclusive Maze Runner tie-in. Plays like an audio book with accompanying music



Designed for walking, but could be run, you hunt for ghosts at specific locations and use your phone to 'see' the ghosts and hopefully catch them. SpecTrek Light is free (unsure what the limitation is)

Step Buy Step

Walking adventure game by the makers of Zombies, Run!


The Walk

Another walking adventure game by the makers of Zombies, Run! You walk the length of the UK with a package that could save the world