Alice was the former and third Runner 5, before the player arrived at Abel Township. Her origins are unknown, but it is hinted that Sam Yao, and although she never expressed her feelings Frances believes she liked Sam too.

Alice was sent on a mission by Dr. Maxine Myers to pick up a CDC file at a nearby hospital; her mission was unsuccessful and she was turned into a zombie.

Season 1Edit

Alice makes her first appearance and only appearance in Jolly Alpha Five Niner, after the player grabs the same CDC file she had been searching for. While the player begins to reach Abel Township, Sam notices that Alice is chasing the player and urges them to put on a burst of speed. Abel's snipers kill Alice before she reaches the player, and the player enters Abel Township safely.

Zombies Run! 5KEdit

Alice's backpack is the reward for Week One - Workout Two.

Also in Week Two - Workout Two, Sam finds Alice's wallet, and you find out she had a sister but didn't know about her parents.

Supply MissionsEdit


Sam mentioned that she trained several in the use of firearms. She took Sam and others to a dog park for practise.

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